1. St. Mary Le Ghyll, Barnoldswick
2. Kildwick
3. Horton in Ribblesdale
4. Clapham
5. Chapel le Dale
6. Bentham
7. Hardraw
8. Lunds
9.  Coverham
10. Stalling Busk
11. Skipton
12. Giggleswick
13.  Ingleton
14. Melling in Lonsdale
15. Thornton in Lonsdale
16. Slaidburn
17 Arncliffe
18. Marriage Bonds

1. St Mary Le Ghyll Barnoldswick


1766 to 1812. (PR 3440/1/10/1)
1813-1843 (PR 3440/1/11/1)
1843-1863 (PR 3440/1/12)

Ann Cragg, 26 August 1787, daughter of Mathw of Salterforth, cordwainer. (This is not in the I.G.I. but in a transcript at Barnoldswick Library. However in the original manuscript at Lancashire County Record Office there is a different entry which makes more sense for a marriage of Matthew and Ann in 1788.

Ann Cragg, 11 Sept. 1791, dau. of Matthew Cragg of Salterforth, cordwainer, and his wife Margaret.

Isabella the dau. of Richd. Cragg, labourer of Boothmans, Salterforth Lane Head, labourer and Margaret neé Walton baptised on 17 Feb. 1818 by Wm. Fry, Curate.

Matthew son of Stephen Cragg, farmer of Boothmans and Isabella on 3 April 1825, by Mordaunt Barnard, Curate.

Richard son of Stephen Cragg, farmer of Boothmans and Bella on 14 May 1826 by Mordaunt Barnard, Curate.

Margaret dau. of Stephen Cragg, farmer of Boothmans and Bella on 2 March 1828 by Mordaunt Barnard, Curate.

Barritt son of Stephen Cragg, farmer of Salterforth and Isabella on 6 June 1830 by J Henderson, Curate.

Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Cragg, farmer of Boothmans Salterforth and Mary on 6 April 1834 by J Hayes, Stip. Curate.

Mary dau. of Stephen Cragg, farmer of Boothmans, Salterforth and Mary on 3 June 1841 by R Milner, P.C.

Mary dau. of Matthew Cragg, farmer of Boothmans, Salterforth and Elizabeth on 19 Nov. 1844 by R Milner, P.C.

Margaret Ann the dau. of Matthew Cragg, tea dealer of Colne and Elizabeth on 9 Nov. 1851, stated to be born on 14 August 1851. R Milner, P.C. (Note this is Matthew the son of Richard the Canal Agent of Foulridge who is similar in age to his cousin Matthew the cattle dealer and who by chance also married an Elizabeth.)

Marriages to 1861

A specific search was undertaken for this record. Other marriages still to search).

Stephen Cragg married Isabella Hudson on 25/8/1823

Marriages 1861-1880

Richard Cragg, 38, bachelor, farmer of Salterforth, son of Stephen Cragg, farmer, married Alice Metcalf, 25, spinster of Barnoldswick, dau. of Francis Metcalf, farmer by licence, married on 27 September 1864 by R. Milner, both signed and the witnesses were Edward Bolton and Margaret Bolton.


1766 - 1812 (PR 3440/1/10/1)
1813 - 1854 and 1855 - 1877, from original registers
1877 - 1886 (PR 3440/1/27/1)
1886 - 1902 (PR 3440/1/28)

Margaret Cragg of Barnoldswick, widow on 21 April 1770  (As both Matthew No. 1 and Matthew No. 2 are alive at this date she cannot be wife to either - possibly mother, aunt or sister-in-law)

Ann, wife of Matthew Cragg of Salterforth, shoemaker, 26 March 1802.

Matthew Cragg of Boothmans, 23 December 1816, aged 83, by Wm. Wasney, vicar of Bracewell. (Puts birth at 1732/3)

Matthew Cragg of Boothmans, 5 May 1824, aged 54, by Saml. Fenton. (Puts birth at 1769/70)

Stephen Cragg of Higher Park, 12 May 1831, aged 7 months (from Stephen Broadley)

Isabella Cragg of Boothmans, 19 Feb. 1832, aged 34, by Mordaunt Barnard, Curate. (Puts birth at 1797/8)

Isabella Cragg of Boothmans, 25 Feb. 1832, infant, by Mordaunt Barnard, Curate.

Margaret dau. of Richard Cragg of Foulridge, 29 Nov. 1841 aged 2.

Mary dau. of Stephen Cragg of Boothmans in Salterforth, 3 Mar 1842, infant.

Kate, dau. of Matthew Cragg of Colne, 4 June 1844, infant. (Matthew the tea dealer)

Robert son of Richard Cragg of Foulridge, 19 September 1850, aged 17.

Robert Cragg of Colne, 3 October 1850, aged 3 weeks.

Matthew Cragg of Foulridge, 16 Mar 1854, aged 29. (This is the son of Richard Cragg.)

John William Cragg of Foulridge, 19 Feb. 1856 aged 3 years. (Son of Matthew and Elizabeth née Bolton)

Margaret Cragg of Foulridge, 26 May 1856 aged 56. (Wife of Richard the canal agent?)

Mary Cragg of Boothmans, Salterforth, 1 Dec. 1862 aged 63. (Second wife of Stephen)

Richard Cragg of Foulridge, 10 March 1874 aged 76 under Cragg's flat stone Old Ground.

Richard Cragg of Foulridge, 10 March 1874 aged 76 years under Cragg’s flat stone in Old Ground.

Stephen Cragg of Booth House, Salterforth buried on 29 June 1881, aged 81 by J M Armson, Curate.

2. Kildwick (transcript available to 1743)

There is a transcript up to 1743. Checked index for entries to Matthew. There are no Craggs in the next volume which goes from 1744 to 1789.

Baptism of Mattheus Cragge filius Johannis et Rosamundae de Steeton, 17 Mar 1694/5
Baptism of John son of Matthew and Ann Crag of Steeton, shoemaker, 31 Mar 1734
Burial of John s of Matthew and Anne Crag of Steeton, shoemaker. 6 Oct 1735
Burial of Matthew Cragg of Steeton, shoemaker, 3 Jan 1738.

This Matthew is a mystery. I cannot find in the IGI a marriage of Matthew to Ann in Lancashire or Yorkshire prior to 1734. There is a mention of a Matthew having a spouse, Ann. born about 1708 of Keighley, which could fit but the source is not clear.  Matthew's birth would need to be before about 1718 and the son of John and Rosamund is a plausible date. I cannot see John and Rosamund marriage in the IGI.


3. Horton in Ribblesdale)

There is a transcript with an index at the Record Office in Northallerton.  A large number of entries for Cragg of which the following were abstracted for the period 1666 to 1747. Abbreviations for forenames have been used by the transcribers in many cases.


23/09/1666 Matthew s. of Richd.  of Horton
01/08/1669 John s. of Richard
09/11/1679 Isabel dau. Richard
02/10/1681 Ann dau. of Richd
29/03/1685 Elizabeth dau. Richard.
18/05/1690 Agnes dau. of Matthew
26/03/1692 Richd. s of Matthew
23/09/1694 Isabell dau. Matthew
03/01/1697 John s. of Matthew
29/12/1700  Jas s of Matthew Cragg (buried 05/06/1703)
19/06/1703  Thos s of Matthew, which said Matthew receives alms.
29/09/1704  Jane d of Matthew, pensioner
25/06/1718  Martha d of Matthew, labourer
02/03/1721  Alice d of Richard Cragg, labourer
02/07/1721  Matthew s of Matthew, labourer. (buried 13 Oct 1728?)
10/02/1723  Hope d. of Richard Cragge (buried 8 April)
08/02/1724  John s of Matthew Cragge.
12/03/1726  Agnes d of Edw Cragg husbandman
04/06/1732  Margret d. of Richard, labourer, Horton.
12/05/1734  Matthew s Richard, labourer, Horton.
04/01/1735  Mary d of Edw, shoemaker, Cam. (report of a Mary d. Edw Shoemaker buried on 21 Dec 1734; as new year at that time started on 25 March, January 1735 is about 12 months after December 1734 )
28/03/1736  Richard s of Richard, husbandman, Horton.
08/01/1738  Stephen s of Richard, labourer, Horton.
08/11/1740  Ellin d of Thos, husbandman, Cam Houses.
02/05/1741  Alice d of Wm, husbandman, Cam.
13/09/1741  John s of Richard, pensioner, Horton. (buried 17 Nov 1741)
07/08/1742  Laurence s of Thos, husbandman, Cam.
14/09/1745  Alice d of Wm, farmer, Cam Houses.
18/12/1746  Ann d of Wm, farmer, Cam Houses.
27/02/1747  Matthew s of John, labourer, Horton.
26/03/1748  Laurence s of Thos, yeoman, Cam Houses.
26/03/1748  Eliz d Wm, yeoman, Cam Houses.
04/05/1750  Thos s of Thos yeoman, Cam Houses.(buried 22 July 1750)
15/09/1750  John s of Wm, yeoman, Cam Houses.
14/07/1751  Thos s. of Thos, yeoman, Cam Houses
06/06/1752  Ann d of Wm, husbandman, Cam Houses
17/08/1754  Ellin d. of Wm, husbandman, Cam Houses
16/03/1755  Isabel d. of Thos, husbandman, Cam Houses
15/04/1758  Geoffrey s. of Thos, yeoman, Cam Houses.
16/08/1760  Richd and Wm twin sons of Thos, yeoman, Cam Houses.
26/07/1761  Thos s. of John, farmer, Cam Houses.
01/01/1764  Richard s of Matthew, shoemaker.
17/04/1768  Isabel d. of John, farmer, Cam.
16/07/1769  Agnes d. of John, farmer, Cam Houses.
03/03/1770  Wm s. of John jnr, farmer, Cam Houses.
03/04/1773  Miles s. of John, farmer, Cam Houses.
04/12/1773  Thos s. of Laurence, farmer, Thorns.
03/09/1780  John s. of John, farmer, Thorns.
19/10/1783  Wm s. of John, farmer, Ling Fell.
16/10/1784  Betty d. of John, farmer, Thorns.
29/06/1788  Thos s. of Wm, farmer, Cam.
25/10/1789  Jas s. of John, farmer, Cam.
22/01/1792  Jane d. of John, farmer, Thorns.
21/09/1794 c. Sarah dau. of Wm. labourer Thorns
29/08/1800 c. Jas 2nd s. of John and Bella (Lister) born 16 Aug. Ling Fell.
28/11/1802   Anthony, 3rd s. of John and Bella (Lister), farmer, Ling Gill, born on 31 October 1802.
14/04/1805 c. Rachel 1st dau of John and Bella (Lister) Ling Gill (4th child, born 18 March 1805)
09/06/1808 c. John, 5th s. of John & Bella (Lister) farmer, Gauber (6th child, born 21 May 1808)
24/07/1821 c. Thos. s. of John and Mary, farmer Scale (buried 29 July)

Note that John Cragg married Bella Lister on 26 Dec 1797 as listed below.

Marriages in Alphabetical Order

11/05/1767 m. Agnes Cragg o.t.p. spinster and Miles Atkinson, of Arncliffe, yeoman. (BN) witn. Thos. Lodge.
24/02/1789 m. Agnes and William Wildman, witn. William Procter, John Hammond
14/11/1747 m. Alice and Thos. Dawson, b.t.p. (BN)
22/04/1772 m. Alice and Jas Tennant, witns. Robt. Tennant and Miles Atkinson.
07/04/1724 m. Edw Cragge of Bentham & Eliz. Metcalfe o.t.p. by BN
25/11/1773 m. Isabel o.t.p. and Joseph Tennant of Arncliffe (BN) witn Thomas Metcalfe and Jas. Cragg
25/11/1773 m. Isabella spr. and John Needham, witn. Jas Cragg and Thos Metcalfe (But see entry two above on same day!)
June 1760 BN For John Cragg of Cam Houses i.t.p. yeoman and Isabel Willan spr.
26/12/1797 m. John, farmer, and Bella Lister spr. b.o.t.p. (by BN) witn. Richd. Metcalfe and John Whaley.
27/03/1744 m. Martha, o.t.p. & Thos Calvert of Thornton by BN.
03/06/1689 m. Matthew & Hope Stables
13/07/1793 m. Miles (Crage) husbandman & Mgt Butterfield, spr. b.o.t.p., by BN
14/04/1836 m. Rachel o.t.p. & Thos. Barrow of Beetham by L. witn. John Cragg and Joseph Morphet
13/01/1678 m. Richd. and Ann Procter
09/05/1731 m. Richd & Agnes Walker both of Horton by BN.
26/06/1762 m. Stephen, tailor of Clapham and Ann Baynes o.t.p. spr. by BN witn.Thos Halton. (Note banns read in Clapham also, see later)
13/11/1736 m. Thos. of Dent & Isabel Helden (Holden?) o.t.p. by BN
06/04/1735 m. Wm. & Agnes Hebden, b.o.t.p. by BN.
30/05/1747 m. Wm & Ann Thompson, b.o.t.p. by BN
30/11/1793 m. Wm. labourer & Mary Jowet, spr. b.o.t.p. by BN witn: Roger Chapman and Anthony Metcalf.
26/04/1809 b. Wm. Selside

Burials in Alphabetical Order

02/06/1743 Agnes wife of Richard, pensioner Lilly Green
25/12/1746 Agnes wife of William, farmer Cam
24/04/1740 Ann dau. of Thos. husbandman Cam Houses
06/02/1746 Ann, pensioner Horton
11/11/1781 Ann wife of Anthony Horton
20/07/1792 Anthony, pensioner, poor Horton
13/07/1776 Chr. s. Laurence deceased Cam Houses
26/07/1745 Elizabeth, widow Thorns
31/08/1791 Elizabeth, widow, Mirk Pot in Hawes Chapelry
01/02/1710 Hope (Crag) widow (of?) Mathew (or widower is Mathew?)
08/04/1723 Hope, dau. of Richd Cragge
08/07/1763 Isabel, pensioner
05/06/1703 Jas. s of Matthew
11/02/1792 Jas. s of John, farmer Thorns
26/10/1698 John s of Matthew
17/11/1741 John s. of Richd. pensioner Horton
04/10/1743 John s. of Thos. husbandman Cam
01/04/1747 John, labourer Horton
07/04/1795 John s. of Edmond, labourer Thorns
14/04/1807 John s. of John, farmer, Gate Cote
14/02/1776 Laurence, farmer Cam Houses
21/09/1730 Margret, wife of Richd. labourer Horton
21/12/1734 Mary d. Edw. shoemaker Cam
29/07/1756 Mary, servant, Blake Bank in Parish of Arncliffe.
13/10/1728 Matthew Cragge s. of Matthew, labourer
21/03/1736 Matthew, labourer Horton
26/10/1755 Mgt. widow and pensioner Horton
22/05/1736 Richd. s. of Richd, pensioner Horton
26/10/1761 Richd, s. of Thos, yeoman, infant Cam Houses
22/01/1762 Richd, pensioner Horton
12/05/1793 Sarah wife of John Thorns
20/06/1703 Thos. s. of Matthew
22/07/1750 Thos. s. of Thos, yeoman Cam Houses
11/05/1766 Thos. yeoman Cam
23/06/1776 Thos. farmer Cam Houses
21/03/1777 Thos. s. Jas. farmer Cam Houses
24/04/1793 Thos. s. of John Thorns
29/07/1821 Thos. 2 days Scale
23/06/1781 Thos Hawes in Wensleydale


4. Clapham Parish Registers

From a transcript prepared by the North Yorkshire County Record Office.  All the following records are for the name Cragg in Clapham with any variations in spelling noted.

Baptisms in Alphabetical Order

17/03/1767 c. Agnes, twin dau. of Stephen Cragg, tailor Austwick
09/06/1805 c. Ann dau. of Wm. Cragg weaver and Mary Clapham born 4 June 1805
06/07/1802 c. Isabel dau. Miles and Mgt Cragg, husbandman, Borron Head born Friday 7 May.
29/06/1800 c. Jinny dau. of Wm. Cragg of Clapham
17/03/1767 c. John, twin s. of Stephen C, tailor Austwick
10/04/1803 c. Mary dau. of Wm., weaver and Mary Clapham born Tuesday 15 March 1803
20/10/1816 c. Mary Moore (Cragg) dau of Sarah, spinster Clapham
07/05/1600 c. Margaret dau. of William Crina Bottom
26/07/1762 c. Richd. s. of Matthew, shoemaker Clapham

Marriages in Alphabetical Order

06/07/1782 m. Anthony of Horton in Ribblesdale & Martha Richardson o.t.p. spr. by BN

30/07/1758 m Matthew shoemaker and Ann Stackhouse, b.o.t.p. by BN read on 9, 16, 23 of July by Will Currer, vicar, witn. Thos. Jackson and Henry Lawfon (Lawson). Ann made her mark and Matthew signed. (I checked the microfilm of the original)
June 1762 BN Stephen & Ann Baynes, called 6, 13 and 20 June. (Married at Horton in Ribblesdale on 26 June)

05/11/1767 m. Stephen, tailor and Ann Bush, spr. b.o.t.p. by Banns, witn. Wm. Bush and Jas Gurnel. Stephen made his mark and Ann signed.

26/12/1807 m. William & Ann Swindlehurst, both of Clapham i.t.p. by Banns Witn. Wm. Dawson and I. Holmes

01/11/1823 m William of Ingleton and Isabella Ward o.t.p. spr. by Banns Witn. Wm. Harrison and Jane Airey.

Burials in Alphabetical Order

17/03/1767 b. Agnes, dau. Stephen Cragg, tailor Austwick
23/03/1767 b. Ann wife of Stephen Cragg, tailor Austwick
21/12/1813 b. Ann Cragg, aged 69 Austwick
02/06/1822 b. Ann Cragg aged 49 years Ingleton
23/03/1767 b. John s. of Stephen Cragg, tailor Austwick
23/06/1808 b. John s. of Ann Cragg (late Swindlehurst) Clapham died aged 6 years on 22 June of smallpox.
16/09/1837 b. John Cragg, died 14 Sept, aged 11 Newby
30/01/1612 b. Mgt. Cragge wife of Allan Cragg of Crina
20/04/1805 b. Mary dau. of Wm Cragg, weaver, and Mary Clapham died on 18 April, 2 years, of convulsions.
19/08/1807 b. Mary wife of Wm Cragg, weaver of Clapham died on 16 August aged 39 of fever.
06/02/1763 b. Richd. s. of Matthew Cragg, shoemaker Clapham
24/03/1818 b. Stephen Cragg aged 80 years Austwick
19/09/1608 b. Thos. Cragge s. of William Cragg of Crina Bottom
19/08/1631 b. William Cragg of Clapham

Also the following rather unusual entries:-

30/11/1767 m. John Cragg otherwise English and Eliz. Thompson spr. b.o.t.p. by banns.
22/05/1768 c. Dinah dau. of John Cragg otherwise English, shoemaker, Watson House.
08/03/1772 c. John s. of John Cragg otherwise English, shoemaker, Wickford.


5. Ingleton/Chapel Le Dale Registers

There is a Yorkshire Parish Register Society Transcript covering 1607 to 1812.  There are numerous Cragg entries in this volume but none for Matthew or Stephen. Three entries for Richard Cragg were checked.

10/11/1723 m. Richard Cragg of Ingleton Fell and Agnes Shaw of Dent in parish of Sedbergh, by Licence.

12/09/1724 c. Agnes dau. of Richard Cragg.

09/03/1772 c. Richard son of John Cragg.

This is an intriguing record. Richard (the pensioner) in Horton in Ribblesdale appears to have married twice. He has two children, Alice in 1721 and Hope in 1723. Then a Margaret, wife of Richard labourer dies in 1730. In 1731 a Richard marries Agnes Walker in Horton in Ribblesdale. We also have an Agnes wife of Richard a pensioner buried in Horton in 1743. The marriage bond may cast some light on the Richard marrying at Chapel le Dale.

Another family group noted was:

Edward Cragg m. Mary Pickering 1 Oct 1776 at Arncliffe. Possible children baptised at Clayton le Dale are:

John Cragg s. Edward & Mary, bapt 7 Nov 1777, Chapel le Dale
Francis Cragg s. Edward & Mary, bapt 18 June 1780, Chapel le Dale
Ann Cragg d. Edward & Mary, bapt 12 Nov 1781, Chapel le Dale
James Cragg s. Edward and Mary, bapt 14 Nov 1783, Chapel le Dale

Also relating to Jeffrey Cragg and Agnes the following baptisms at Chapel le Dale. This may be the Geoffrey son of Thomas Cragg of Cam Houses, baptised 15 Apr 1758 at Horton in Ribblesdale.

Peggy Cragg d. Jeffrey & Agnes, 26 Dec 1787
Agnes Cragg d. Jeffrey & Agnes, 31 March 1793
Bella Cragg d. Jeffrey & Agnes, 2 Apr 1785
James Cragg s. Jeffrey and Agnes of Ingleton 18 Jan 1796

Also the following children of Edward Cragg

Barbara Cragg d. Edward bapt 22 Feb 1739/40
Jane Cragg d. Edward bapt 24 Mar 1743
Eleanor Cragg d. Edward bapt 30 Jan 1749/50


6. Bentham Parish Registers

The Yorkshire Parish Register Society version published in 1932 was examined.  Only one Cragg in the index.

13/05/1770 burial of John Cragg.

7. Hardraw

No index for this volume but baptisms checked by hand from 1750 to 1803. No Craggs found.


8. Lunds Parish Registers.

A typescript was consulted containing baptisms from 1749 to 1900. The period from 1749 to 1790 was checked and no Craggs found. The following references in the index were noted briefly.

Thomas of Grisdale married in 1785.
Ann baptised 1795 dau of Thos of Lunds
James witn. in 1799
John witn in 1804
Eleanor married in 1804
Ruth of Grisdale buried in 1830
Thos. of Grisdale buried in 1840
Ann married 1840

9. Coverham Parish Registers.

Typescript consulted, no index, and baptisms checked for 1765 to 1780. No Craggs found.


10. Stalling Busk Parish Registers.

A typescript was examined for baptism entries from 1742 to 1800 and then the marriages checked backwards from 1777 to find Charles and Ann. These do not appear to be in the IGI.

11/07/1776 m. Charles Cragg of Bainbridge and Ann Pilling of Marsett by Banns.
09/03/1777 c. John Cragg son of Charles Cragg of Marsett.
07/04/1779 c. James Cragg son of Charles Cragg of Marsett.
16/01/1785 c. Charles son of Charles and Ann Crag of Carpley Green,
born on 3 Nov 1784

11. Skipton in Craven Parish Registers: 1745-1812

This printed volume is not part of the YPRS series but was produced in Skipton. The index was consulted for references to Richard Cragg and the following four were found. There are no other Cragg records in this period.

21/08/1803 c. Joseph 1st born of Richd Cragg of Skipton, painter, s. of Richd. C of Lancaster, painter and Dorothy d. of Joseph Hardcastle of Skipton, woolen manufacturer, born 28 June

02/06/1805 c. Catherine d. of Richd Cragg of Skipton, painter, s. of Richd. C of Lancaster, painter and Dorothy d. of Joseph Hardcastle of Skipton, woolen manufacturer, born 15 March

30/08/1807 c. Isabella, 2nd dau. of Richd Cragg of Skipton, painter, s. of Richd. C of Lancaster, mason, and Dorothy d. of Joseph Hardcastle of Skipton, woolen manufacturer, born 25 July

06/06/1810 c. John, 2nd son of Richd Cragg of Skipton, painter, s. of Richd. C of Lancaster, mason and Dorothy d. of Joseph Hardcastle of Skipton, woolen manufacturer, born 13 May.

The following information has previously been abstracted from the IGI

A Richard and Dorothy, subsequently mentioned as Dorothy Hardcastle had the following children baptised at Skipton in Craven. (I think that I have seen mention that the couple married in Leeds.) This appears to be the Richard Cragg and Joseph Hardcastle who appear in the deed probate document from my first trip to Wakefield (FX 312, 357, 1813)

Joseph, 1803; Catherine, 1805; Isabella, 1807; John 1810, Richard Barrow Hardcastle, 1813; Charles Bond, 1815; William Robinson, 1817; George Henry, 1820; Thomas Septimus, 1822; Judith Hannah, 1824.

12. Giggleswick

Using the North Yorkshire County Record Office's own transcript covering 1558 to 1837


Margaret d. John Cragg of Settle, bapt. 27 Nov 1763
Sarah d. Francis & Margaret Cragg, husbandman, Runley Bridge, bapt. 19 Aug 1821.
Margaret d. Francis & Margaret Cragg, labourer of Bridge End, bapt. 18 Apr 1824
Edward s. Thomas & Mary Cragg, labourer of Settle, bapt. 25 Sept 1836
John s. Thomas and Agnes Cragg, labourer of Settle, bapt. 7 Nov 1837


Matthew Cragg married Margaret Butterfield on 23 Oct 1711

Robert Cragg of Kendal married Esther Allen otp by banns itpo Matthew Wildman and Eliz Cragg on 24 June 1822.

Francis Cragg married Elizabeth Calvert, botp, banns, itpo: John Ralph and Wm Brennand on 11 Feb 1828

Thomas Cragg of Old Ing parish of Horton, labourer and bachelor of full age, the son of John Cragg, married Agnas Walker of Old Ing, Horton, servant and spinster of full age, the daughter of Roger Walker, husbandman, by banns on 26 August 1837, itpo: John Redmayne and John Cragg at Bentham.


Elizabeth Cragg, aged 15 yrs of Settle buried 9 Jan 1820
Mary d. Francis Cragg, aged 19 yrs of Settle buried on 22 June 1826
Margaret d. Francis Cragg of Settle, aged 2 yrs, buried 22 Jan 1827
Nathan s. Francis Cragg of Settle, aged 12 yrs buried 27 Feb 1831
Peggy w. Francis Cragg of Settle aged 44 years buried 8 Jan 1827

13. Ingleton

I am grateful to Linda Theriault for providing the following Cragg entries from the Ingleton registers.

Baptisms in Alphabetical Order

Agnes d. John Cragg baptised 21 April 1716 (Ingleton Fell).
Agnes d. of Richard Cragg baptised 12 Sept. 1724.
Agnes d. of Edward Cragg baptised 5 May 1750.
Agnes d. of Jeffrey & Agnes Cragg, Winterscale, baptised 5 Dec 1793.
Allan Crage buried 13 April 1654. [Possible Allan = Ellen. “Alan” had a bastard child William bapt in 1641 so must be female]
Alice d. of William Cragg baptised 4 Oct 1738 (Ingleton Fells)
Alice d. of Edward Cragg baptised 2 March 1745/46 (Ingleton Fell).
Ann d. of John Cragg baptised 26 March 1765 (Ingleton).
Ann d. of Edd & Mar Cragg, Rose-gale baptised 12 Nov 1781.
Barbara d. of Edward Cragg baptised 2 Feb 1739/40 (Ingleton Fell).
Bella d. of Jeffrey and Agnes Cragg, Philpin, baptised 2 April 1785. (Ingleton Fells)
Eleanor d. of Edward Cragg baptised 30 Jan. 1749/50 (Ingleton Fell).
Edward s. of John Cragg baptised 26 March 1757 (Ingleton Fells).
Emma d. of James & Peggy Cragg, Scales, born 4 Oct, baptised 29 Nov 1812.
Francis 3rd son of Edd & Mary Cragg, Rose Gale baptised 18 June 1780. (Ingleton Fells)
James s. of Edwd & Mary Cragg, Low Gale baptised 14 Nov 1783. (Ingleton Fells)
James s. of Jeffrey & Agnes Cragg, Colt Park , baptised 18 Jan 1796 (Ingleton Fells)
James s. of John & Alice Cragg, Ellerbeck, baptised 19 April 1807.
Jane d. of Edward Cragg baptised 24 March 1742/43 (Ingelton Fell).
John s. of Edward & ------ Cragg, born 7 Nov, baptised 14 Nov 1777. (Ingleton Fells)
John illegitimate son of Ann Cragg. No duty due. Baptised 4 March 1792.
John s. of John & Bella Cragg, Gate Cote, baptised 22 March 1807.
John s. of Miles & Peggy Cragg, Weather Cote, baptised 16 April 1809.
Miles 3rd s. of John & Sarah Cragg, Gale, born Sept [no day], baptised 3 Oct 1775. (Ingleton Fells)
Peggy d. of Jeffrey & Agnes Cragg, Philpin, baptised 26 Dec 1787 (Ingleton Fells)
Richard s. of John Cragg baptised 9 March 1772.
Thomas s. of Edward Cragg & Mary h.w., Low Gale born 10 Dec 1778, baptised 26 Dec 1778.
Thos s. of Jeffrey & Agnes Cragg, Philpin, baptised 21 May 1786. (Ingleton Fells)
Thomas s. of John & Jane Cragg, Chapelhouse, born 9 June, baptised 16 Aug 1809.
Will: filius Alen Cragge base begotten baptised 11 Nov 1641. [Indicates bastard child, possible Alen = Ellen]
William s. of William Cragg baptised 12 Dec 1771.

Marriages in Alphabetical Order

Anthony Greenbank of Sedbergh par: yeoman and Barbara Cragg of this Chapelry, with publication, married 12 Sept 1725.
Francis Cragg of Skirroth, servant-man & Margt Metcalfe of Gearstones married 22 Nov 1803. Witnesses: John Proctor, T. Whaley Willan
Ja* Cragg servant-man & Peggy Bentham married 17 Dec 1811. Witnesses: John Metcalf, Joseph Bentham.
Miles Taylor, farmer & Jane Cragg married 16 Jan 1809. Witnesses: Cuthbt. Kidd, James Parker
James Cragg, servant man & Peggy Bentham on 17 Dec 1811. Witnesses John Metcalfe and Joseph Bentham
Miles Taylor, farmer & Jane Cragg, 16 Jan 1809. Witnesses Cuthbert Kidd and James Parker
Jeffrey Cragg, cordwainer, & Agnes Metcalfe married 17 May 1784. Witnesses: William Whaley, Thomas Whaley, Robt Metcalfe
Lawrence Cragg of Horton Parish, husbandman & Catherine Tennant married 25 Mar 1772. Witnesses: James Cragg and Thomas Metcalfe
Christopher Rakestraw widower & Martha Cragg* widow, married 30 Sept 1799. Witnesses: Joseph Thornton, Bryan Smith
Richard Cragg of Ingleton Fell and Agnes Shaw of Dent in Sedbergh parish, with Licence married on 10 Nov. 1723.
William Cragg, taylor & Margaret Banes married 19 Sept 1771. Witnesses: Miles Atkinson, James Cragg

*It is possible that Martha Cragg is the widow of Anthony Cragg, pensioner, of Horton who was buried 20 July 1792


Burials in Alphabetical Order

Agnes d. of Edward Cragg buried 25 Feb 1747/48.
Allan Cragg, buried 13 Apr 1654
Edward Cragg buried 4 June 1801.
Ellin w. of John Cragg buried 14 March 1801.
Margaret Cragg buried 1 Oct 1640.
Thos. s. of Edward Cragg & Mary h.w., Low Gale, buried 14 Feb 1779.

Marriage Witnesses in Alphabetical Order

James Cragg witnessed the marriage of William Cragg & Margaret Banes on 19 Sept 1770.
James Cragg witnessed the marriage of Lawrence Cragg & Catharine Tennant on 25 March 1772.
James Cragg witnessed the marriage of Lawrence Dinsdale & Elizabeth Battersby on 24 May 1773.
Jeffrey Cragg witnessed the marriage of Lawrence Dinsdale & Ellen Parker on 7 July 1783.
John Cragg witnessed the marriage of Richard Willan & Jane Moor on 13 Jan 1791.
John Cragg witnessed the marriage of John Scott and Ann Lodge on 21 May 1804.
Thomas Cragg witnessed the marriage of George Mason & Jane Tenant on 22 Oct 1792.


14. Melling in Lonsdale


The entries are abstracted from the Registers of Melling in Lonsdale 1720-1851, published by the Lancashire Parish Register Society as Volume 172 in 2011

The register starts in 1720 but there are no Craggs before 1761. The Revd Robert Cragg is the first mentioned with Matthew a few years later. There is a gap of almost 30 years between the entries in the baptism register for the Revd Robert and Elizabeth Cragg and the Revd Robert and Ester Cragg, who turn up in 1792. James & Margaret makes an appearance in the baptism register in 1789 then several entries for Thomas & Jane from 1794. An Isaac appears in the marriage records in 1766 but does not seem to have had children in the next few years in this parish. Since there are no baptisms for these people they presumably moved in from elsewhere. Perhaps Isaac was a brother of Robert as the latter names a son Isaac in 1764.

Baptisms in Date Order

George s. Revd. Robert & Elizabeth Crag{g} Curate of Hornby (b. 30 Nov) 13 Dec 1761 {HC}
Isaac s Revd. Mr. {Robert} & Elizabeth Cragg, Curate of Hornby Chapel 8 Jul 1764 {HC}
Matthew s Matthew & Ann Cragg of Cawood 13 Nov 1768 {AC}
William s James & Margaret Cragg of Hornby 17 May 1789 {HC}
Elisabeth d of Revd. Robert Cragg & Ester his wife of Hornby, born May 11, 19 May [11 June] 1792 {HC}
John s Thomas & Jane Cragg of Arkholme 3 Feb 1794 {AC}
Isabella d Thomas & Jane Cragg of Dockerpark 2 Aug 1795
Edward s Thos & Jane Cragg of Arkholme 7 May 1797
Jas s Thos & Jane Cragg of Arkholme 21 Apr 1799 {AC}
Jane d Thomas & Jane Cragg of Arkholme 26 Jul 1801 {AC}
Richard & John twin sons of Thomas & Jane Cragg of Docker, schoolmaster born 9 Sep, bapt 9 Oct 1803 {AC}
Thomas s Thos & Jane Cragg of Caywood schoolmaster 20 Apr 1806 {AC}
Ann d Thomas & Jane Cragg of Docker Hall, schoolmaster, born 10 Jan, bapt 4 Apr 1808
[Mary] d Thos & Jane Cragg of Caywood schoolmaster 9 Apr 1809 {AC}
William Smith s Jno & Hannah Cragg of Arkholme gent born 12 Oct 1827, bapt 24 Dec 1827 {AC}
Alice d John & Hannah Cragg of Arkhome yeoman 22 Feb 1829 {AC}
Ann d John & Hannah Cragg of Arkholme yeoman 13 Feb 1831 {AC}
May Ellen d John & Hannah Cragg of Arkholme yeoman 17 May 1833 {AC}

Marriages in Date Order

Isaac Cragg of Heversham p. Weaver & Ann Smith otp spin witn William Smith & Robt Cragg by licence, 8 Feb 1766

Richard Wilson otp schoolmaster & Margaret Thompson otp spin aged 20 & upwards, witn Nancy Cragg & Richard Sharp, by licence with the consent of her mother The: Thompson, 20 Aug 1774

The Reverend Robert Cragg otp clerk & Ester Varley otp spin witn Jon Doding & F Moorby by licence, 27 Feb 1786

Thomas Cragg otp husb & Jane X Capstick otp spin witn Matthew Scarr & George Mos by banns. 8 Apr 1793

John Cragg esquire otp & Hannah Parker otp spin witn Ellen Cragg & Thomas Rawsthorne by licence 16 Aug 1833

Robert Bownass of full age bach farmer of Arkholme, father Thomas Bownass farmer & Hannah Cragg widow of full age of Arkholme father dead witn John Bownass & Sarah Bownass by licence, 23 Dec 1843

Burials in Date Order

Rev Robert Benoni Cragg Curate of Hornby {The Revd Mr. Cragg snr Curate of Hornby Chapel was buried by the Revd Mr. John Tatham vicar of Melling aged 66)} 20 Oct 1785 {HC}

George Cragg of Milnthrop {son of former mentioned Revd R. Cragg, died 18 Dec 1789 at 12 o'clock in the night at his Mother's in Hornby on his return from Manchester after an illness of 6 days and was buried by the Revd. Robert Wilson of Tatham, rheumatic fever aged 28 and 18 days} 22 Dec 1789

The Revd Robert Cragg {Curate of Hornby Chapel died 27 Feb buried by Rev H Elershaw of Bentham, aged 55} 2 Mar 1795 {HC}

John Cragg a child of Dockerpark in Caywood, 24 Mar 1795

Ann Cragg of Arkholme, 27 Jan 1801

Elizabeth Cragg {Crag} of Hornby 5 Nov 1803 {HC}

Alice Cragg of Arkholme, spin aged 37, died 27 Feb, buried 3 Mar 1809

Anne Cragg of Hornby aged 62, 30 Jan 1813 {HC}

Richd Cragg of Arkholme aged 42 [32] 5 May 1816

Miss Jane Cragg of Lancaster aged 58, 2 Jul 1825

John Cragg of Arkholme age 66, 25 Jul 1834

{Ester Cragg of Giggleswick, aged 78, 17 Feb 1837 HC}

Miss Ellen Cragg of Arkholme aged 72, 22 Oct 1842

Isaac Cragg of Milnthorpe aged 81 4 May 1846 {HC} (consistent with the Isaac baptised in 1764 who would have been 82 in July)

{AC} Arkholme Chapel
{HC} Hornby Chapel


15. Thornton in Lonsdale

The following entries for Thornton in Londsdale were sent to me by Steven Broadley


William Cragg married Ann Yeats on 4 June 1667.

Barnabas Cragg s. Willyam Cragg, bapt 14 Jun 1668
John Cragg s. Willyam Cragg, bapt 5 Nov 1669
Anne Cragg d. Willyam Cragg, bapt 7 Nov 1771
Robert Cragg s. Willyam Cragg, bapt. 11 Jun 1776

Ann wife of Wm. Cragg buried 13 Jun 1676

The dates are consistent with the Ann the wife of William dying in or shortly after giving birth to Robert

In addition there are the following records:

Jane d. Barnett Cragg of Thornton (in Lonsdale) bapt 15 Dec 1711
William s. Barnett Cragg of Bradagarth, bapt 23 Oct 1709
Mary d. John Cragg of Thornton, bapt 12 Sep 1767
John s. John Cragg of Thornton, bapt 7 Sep 1768

William s. of Robert Cragg of Burton (in Lonsdale) buried 17 Feb 1724
Robert Cragg householder of Thorton buried 10 Aug 1729.

16. Slaidburn, Yorkshire

Steven Broadley has sent me the following Cragg records found in the registers of Slaidburn:

John Dean married Elline Crage 22 May 1682

Margaret d. Johanis Crage buried, 2 May 1680
Johannes Crage de Woodhouse Yate, buried 31 May 1674
Uxor (wife of ) John Crage de Woodhouse Yate buried 23 April 1675. (note it says wife not widow but it may be the widow of the John recorded above)

Michael s. John Cragg of Woodhouse Yate, bapt. 1638
Michael s. Johni Cragg of Woodhouse Yate, buried Dec 1638
Richardus, s. Johni of Woodhouse Yate, batp. 11 Feb 1639


17. Arncliffe, Yorkshire


Edward Cragg married Mary Pickering on 1 Oct 1776 at Arncliffe



Marriage Bonds

The following details of marriage bonds have been sent to me by Steven Broadley

Richard Cragg and Isabell Hide of Dent. Bondsman were Thomas Macareth of Ing, Parish of Kendal. Witnesses Elizabeth Airey and James Robinson on 4 July 1684

Richard Cragg of Dent, yeoman and Isabell Renison of Kirby Steven on 7 Feb 1687/8:

Richard Cragg was a witness to a bond in 1695 of Joseph Redman of Westhouse, Parish of Thornton in Lonsdale and Alice Middleton

John Cragg of Borough Bridge End, Dent, tailor and Ann Lund of Borough, spinster. Bondsman Richard Cragg of Borough, yeoman. Witnesses Richard Trotter and John Capsback (?). Licensed to marry at Dent or Garsdale in 1704

Richard Cragg of Bentham, yeoman and Agnes Shaw of Dent in the parish of Sedbergh, spinster. Bondsman Thomas Munsey of Ingleton Fell. Witnesses Thomas Foxcroft and Thomas Bowes on 9 Nov 1723:(Married at Ingleton Fell 10 Nov. 1723.)

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