This is a a collection of image of Manchester taken on several occasions between 2002 and 2011. It is worth recalling that in 2002 the smart phone with a camera was virtually unknown. Nokia's N95 was the first popular model in 2007 and the first iPhone arrived in June that year with a 2-megapixel camera. The Manchester bombing of 1996 saw the biggest explosion since the Second World War. Several buildings were damaged beyond repair and had to be demolished, while many more were closed for months for structural repairs. Most of the rebuilding work was completed by the end of 1999, at a cost of £1.2 billion, although redevelopment continued until 2005. The Financial Crisis of 2007/8 was the biggest since the Great Depression. Many new buildings were created in the few years before and after the Commonwealth Games in 2002. Among them were the Bridgewater Hall, which had its first concert in September 1996 and the Beetham Tower, completed in 2006.

The pictures here represent a walk that you might make from Picadilly Station into Picadilly Square then down Mosley Street to see the Bridgewater Hall, followed by a walk down Peter Street to Deansgate

Picadilly Gardens
Picadilly Gardens Fountains in 2003


Fire Station   Fire Station
Fire Station and Police Station, 1901-1906   Fire Station
Bridge   Clayton House
Pedestrian Bridge over London road outside Picadilly Station   Clayton House on Picadilly Gds.
Picadilly Gardens   Statue
Picadilly Gardens towards Market Street , May 2009   Duke of Wellington, 2006
Corner   Britannia
Corner of Picadilly and Newton Street in 2006   Britannia hails Wellington
Debenhams   street corner
Debenhams on Market Street, Sept 2006   Corner of Market & Mosley Streets, Sept 2006
Library   Library
Library of 1930-34, Cenotaph and Tram, photographed 2009   Library on St. Peter's Square
Cenotaph   Town Hall
Cenotaph before it was moved. 2009   Town Hall buildings Princess Street, 2009
Midland Hotel   Statue
South side of Midland Hotel, 2007   St. Peter's Square, May 2009
Bridgewater Hall   St. Peter's Square
Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, 2007   Part of Town Hall on St. Peter's Square, 2009
Tower   Barbirolli
Beetham Tower & Central Station, 2007   Sir John in Barbirolli Square, 2009
View from Tower   Beetham Tower
View from Beetham Tower back over station   Beetham Tower from Castle
St. George's Hall   St. George's Hall
St. George's Hall, Peter Street, late afternoon 2007   St. George's Hall, another angle, 2009



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