Grid Ref: SJ 743 815 at the Manor
Date 21 June 2009

The fair featured various re-enactment groups and stalls with emphasis on the 15th century and the Wars of the Roses. Groups are often named after their leaders such as the Howards of Norfolk, the Percys of Northumberland and the Duke of Clarence. We see their arms and armour, tents, and food.


Musicians   Helmets
Musicians with pipe and drum   Display of helmet.
Armour   Arrows
Armour for arms and legs   Arrow heads and flights
Archery   Archery
Archery competition   Waiting their turn
Pottery   Pottery
Pottery with green glaze   Potters' wares
Horn   Camp
Horn for working into household items   In the camp
Food   food
Re-enactors explain some dishes available in the 15th century   Close-up of food
Tent   Bed
Tent of a lord with is bed and equipment   Tent with fine fabrics for the bed and curtains
pot and kettle   Armour
Pot and Kettle   Jumble of armour



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