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Sizergh Castle
The entrance to the castle
Part of the entrance courtyard
Sizergh Castle
View of the keep from the gardens
The gardens

Sizergh Castle lies just of the A591 about 4 miles south of Kendal. It is in the care of the National Trust since 1950 but there is still accommodation there for the Strickland family. The estate passed into their hands when Sir William de Stirkeland (sic) married the heiress Elizabeth Deincourt in 1239. Spellings were variable and names subject to changes and the family ended spelling the names Strickland. In the time of Edward III, (1327-1377) Sir Walter Strickland was given permission to create a park around the property. The house was extended in the 16th century. The Stricklands remained Catholic after the Reformation. Sir Thomas Strickland (1621-1694) fought for the King during the Civil War and was knighted at the Battle of Edgehill. He was an M.P. for Westmorland after the Restoration of the Monarchy and continued to support James II after the Glorious Revolution of 1688. He went into exile with James and died in France.

The castle received considerable publicity during 2014 in a series of programs on television about National Trust properties hosted by Michael Buerk.


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