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Origin of Ann Stackhouse

My interest in the Stackhouse family arises from the marriage of Matthew Cragg to Ann Stackhouse, on 30 July 1759 at Clapham, North Yorkshire. She was buried at Ghyll Church, Barnoldswick on 26 Mar 1802. If Ann was of similar age to her husband, who was born in 1734, a baptism in the 1730s or early 1740s would fit.

Steven Broadley has gathered some evidence on the Stackhouse family in this part of North Yorkshire. The earliest mention of the name is in 1440 at Fountains Abbey and in church registers the earliest record was found in 1560 at Giggleswick. Steven found the following entries in the Chapel le Dale registers which identify an Ann Stackhouse, daughter of Samuel. There are also Stackhouse entries at Giggleswick, Bentham and Tatham.

I am grateful for information received from Bradley Marchant who has traced his ancestry to the Samuel Stackhouse who married Ann Procter as shown in generation 3 below. He has found that Ann’s parents were Edmund Procter and Jane Fossett who previously had been married to Thomas Coates. Jane left a will in 1747. The will mentions a granddaughters Ann and Jane Stackhouse, and a grandson, Samuel Stackhouse as well as beneficiaries in the Coates family. Bradley has also found that in the registers for Horton in Ribblesdale a record for the death for Ann, wife of Samuel Stackhouse of Ingleton Fells in 1736

The evidence below leads to the following tentative family tree:

The arguments for the assignments are set out with the evidence below.

Baptisms at Chapel le Dale

John s. Sameuell Stackhouse, 24 Dec 1693

Eliz. d. Samuel Stackhouse, 23 Aug 1730 (see burial below)
Oliver s. Samuel Stackhouse, 13 Feb 1733
Ann d. Samuel Stackhouse, 30 Nov 1734. (This is likely to be the Ann Stackhouse who married Matthew Cragg)
Eliz. d. Samuel Stackhouse, 29 Jan 1738
John s. Samuel Stackhouse, 12 Oct 1740
Samuel s. Samuel Stackhouse, 20 Feb 1742 (see burial below)
Agnes d. Samuel Stackhouse, 11 Nov 1743
Thomas s. Samuel Stackhouse, 18 Jan 1745
Eleanor d. Samuel Stackhouse, 6 Nov 1747 (see burial below)
Eliz. d. Samuel Stackhouse, 17 Nov 1751
Ellin d. Samuel Stackhouse, 10 Oct 1754 (see burial below)

There is a single reference to a Samuel Stackhouse at Thornton-in-Lonsdale who may be part of the family above.

Jane d. Samuel Stackhouse of Ireby bapt 23 Dec 1759

Burials at Chapel le Dale that fit for this family are as follows:

Eleanor d. Samuel Stackhouse, buried 10 Feb 1748
Eliz. d. Samuel Stackhouse, buried 22 Oct 1730
Samuel s. Samuel Stackhouse, buried 25 May 1744
Ellin d. Samuel Stackhouse, buried 15 Mar 1770
Agnes wife of Samuel Stackhouse, buried 19 Sept 1784.
Samuel Stackhouse, buried 19 Jan 1792.

Marriages at Chapel le Dale.

Samuel Stackhouse and Ann Procter of Horton by licence on 22 Jun 1729 at Ingleton Yorkshire. (This is a good fit for when the children start to be born)
Samuel Stackhouse, yeoman, and Agnes Horn of Shap, County of Westmorland, by licence, 26 July 1737 at Chapel le Dale

It is plausible that there is one Samuel who marries Ann Procter in 1729 and they have children Elizabeth, Oliver and Ann. Some time after 1734, Ann the wife dies and Samuel marries Agnes Horn in 1737. This couple then have eight further children. It is interesting that there is only one reference to a burial of a Samuel Stackhouse which is in favour of a single Samuel marrying twice.

Origin of Samuel Stackhouse

There is a record of Samuel Stackhouse son of Oliver Stackhouse baptised on 16 April 1709 at Ingleton which gives a plausible age for Samuel's marriage in 1729. Further investigation reveals a family of Oliver Stackhouse as follows at Ingleton/Chapel le Dale

Oliver Stackhouse married Elizabeth Topham on 8 May 1708 at Thornton in Lonsdale.

Baptisms at Ingleton/Chapel le Dale:

Samuel Stackhouse 16 Apr 1709
Ellin Stackhouse 30 Aug 1713 buried 1 Oct 1715
Thomas Stackhouse 10 May 1715
Ellin Stackhouse, 13 Dec 1719

Eliz. wife of Oliver Stackhouse was buried 14 June 1721 so the following must be children of a second wife or a different Oliver.

James Stackhouse s. Oliver 18 Nov 1724
Dorothy Stackhouse d. 4 Oct 1729, daughter of Oliver Stackhouse deceased.

Burials at Chapel le Dale

Oliver Stackhouse was buried on 19 Feb 1727 at Chapel le Dale(so Dorothy must have been baptised some time after her birth)
Elizabeth wife of Oliver Stackhouse was buried 14 June 1721 at Chapel le Dale


Origin of Oliver Stackhouse

Looking at potential antecedents of Oliver Stackhouse we have a baptism of an Oliver son of Thomas Stackhouse, baptised on 3 Feb 1684 at Horton in Ribblesdale. However, there is also an Oliver son of Samuel Stackhouse baptised at Giggleswick on 22 Jan 1679/80 that is equally plausible so no decision can be taken on which is correct at the moment. It would be useful to go through the burial records at Horton in Ribblesdale and at Giggleswick to see if either of these Olivers died before the age of marriage

The latter is part of a family group as follows:

Baptisms at Giggleswick

Oliver Stackhouse s. Samuel of Giggleswick, 22 Jan 1678/79
Anne Stackhouse d. Samuel of Giggleswick, 29 Jan 1681/82
Margareta Stackhouse d. Samuel of Giggleswick, 14 Sep 1684
Hugonius Stackhouse s. Samuel of Giggleswick, 21 Mar 1686/87
Ellina Stackhouse d. Samuel of Giggleswick, 26 Jan 1689/90

Baptism at Ingleton/Chapel le Dale

John Stackhouse s. Samuel, 24 Dec 1694.


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