A Tentative Family Tree for Stotts in Liverpool and Birkenhead

Note that Birkenhead was opening up as a new town in the middle of the 19th century and it appears that this family moved over the Mersey from Liverpool, probably as a result of employment prospects. However, they retained links with Liverpool in that John was baptised at St. Peter's in Liverpool.


C51 Census of 1851
C61 Census of 1861 etc.

The Data Gathered and Discussion

Eliza Stott is of interest as the wife of Henry Benson. A search for her birth, using the known date, led to the issue of a copy of the birth certificate bearing the following information:

Certificate of Birth:  Eliza Stott was born on 29 April 1865 at 2, Richmond Cottages, Birkenhead.  The father was John Stott, a brick burner and the mother was Eliza Stott, neé Nettleton.  She was registered by her mother on 25 May 1865

Census Record for Birkenhead in 1861 at Richmond Cottages. Source Citation: Class: RG 9; Piece: 2644; Folio: 29; Page: 14; GSU roll: 543004.

Name Age & Status Occupation Born
John Stott Aged 24 labourer Cheshire
Eliza Stott Aged 20   Lancashire
William John Stott Aged 10 months   Cheshire


Census Record for Birkenhead in 1871. At Richmond Cottages. Source Citation: Class: RG10; Piece: 3748; Folio: 10; Page: 18; GSU roll: 842138.


Name Age & Status Occupation Born
John Stott head, aged 34 labourer Birkenhead
Eliza Stott wife, aged 30   Lancashire
William John Stott son, aged 10 scholar Birkenhead
Thomas Stott son, aged 8, born c. 1863 scholar Birkenhead
Eliza Stott dau, aged 6, born c 1865 scholar Birkenhead
George Stott son, aged 1, born 1870   Birkenhead
Sarah Nettleton mother (in-law?) aged 66, widow, born about 1805.   Holtapps? Yorkshire
Mary Davis Lodger, widow aged 58   Shropshire


From this information John Stott and Eliza Nettleton were probably married before 1860.  In those days, couples started their families as soon as they were married and commonly produced further children at two to three year intervals.  Gaps in this pattern result from miscarriages and infant mortality.  It is interesting that Eliza Stott’s mother, Sarah Nettleton is with the family as it gives us her year of birth as about 1805 and her Christian name. 

A search of the G.R.O. records revealed the following marriage record:

Certificate of Marriage:  John Stott, of full age, married Eliza Nettleton, of full age, on 18 October 1857 at Liverpool Parish Church.  John Stott was a brick burner of Seel Street and Eliza a spinster of Parr Street.  Their fathers were James Stott, a brick burner and William Nettleton, a groom. 

The match of the names and the occupation of John as a brick burner are strong evidence for this being the correct record.  Note that while Eliza Nettleton is described as being of full age, she could have been only 16 or 17 in 1857 if the age on the two census records is correct.  If John was indeed 21, his birth would fall before the start of General Registration in 1837.  The only record found so far for a John Stott born about 1836 is John son of James and Alice baptised on 4 July 1836 at Liverpool St. Peter.  Full details are needed to see if an abode is quoted. However, a census record for 1851 has been found for a family which has James as the father and a son John aged 15. Moreover the wife of James is Alice. They are in Birkenhead and the details are as follows:

Census Record 1851 at Birkenhead at 46 Trafalgar Road, Liskeard. Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2174; Folio: 353; Page: 19; GSU roll: 87165-87167.

Names Aged and Status Occupation Born
James Stott head, aged 50 Labourer Liverpool
Alice Stott wife, aged 44   Liverpool
James Stott son, aged 20, born c. 1831   Liverpool
Walter Stott son, aged 16, born c. 1835   Liverpool
John Stott son, aged 15, born c. 1836   Birkenhead, Cheshire
William Stott son, aged 13, born c. 1838   Birkenhead, Cheshire
Charles Stott son, aged 7, born c. 1844   Birkenhead, Cheshire


It was known from family tradition that on the death of her mother, the young Eliza Stott went to live with her grandparents.  As only one grandparent on the Nettleton side is evident from the 1871 Census, we must assume that she went to her paternal grandparents.  The 1876 Directory for Liverpool and Birkenhead shows that Sarah Nettleton then lived at 15, Richmond Cottages, Tetbury Street, Oxton.

A search was made in the Census of 1881 with the following results.

Census Record 1881: Birkenhead (Page 3582 66 42) Brickfield Cottage

Name Age & Status Occupation Place of Birth
John Stott head, aged 40 labourer Birkenhead
Maggie wife, aged 30   Knowsley, Lancahire
George son, aged 12 scholar Birkenhead
Alice dau, aged 3   Birkenhead

This could be the same family as reported for 1871 but if so then John’s first wife had died and his second wife was called Maggie. From the earlier census information we would expect that John would be 44 in 1881 but the age given is 40.  The name of the son George fits with the youngest son found in the 1871 census and the age is approximately right.  There is a younger child Alice but all the older children have moved away.  We know that Eliza moved away by the age of 16 as she has been located in the 1881 census as shown below.

The other two Stott families in Birkenhead at this time were Charles Stott aged 23, a pork butcher with his wife Agnes aged 20 at 27 Blackpool Street, both born in Birkenhead. (Page 3575 27 47) and Walter Stott, aged 46, a brickmaker born in Birkenhead and his wife Mary A. Stott, aged 46, born in Mollhaven (possibly in Lancashire).  They were living at 6 Lowther Street (page 3578 10 13) They had 8 children at home ranging in age from 7 to 25 all unmarried.  Charles and Walter fit for the children shown with their parents in the 1851 census.

It was known from family tradition that Eliza worked at Grappenhall and the census for the area confirms this. She was at the house of the Parr family. The parents were away on the night of the census.


Census Record of 1881:  Grappenhall (Page 3799 113 5) Grappenhall Heyes

Name Age & Status Occupation Place of Birth
Roger Charlton Parr son of head, aged 6 scholar London
Katherine Agnes Parr dau of head, aged 3   Birkenhead
Mary Ann Lane servant, single, 45 housekeeper  
Mary Banks servant, single, 33 nurse, domestic  
Jane Williams servant, single, 30 kitchen maid  
Jane Grant servant, single, 26 household domestic  
Maria Roberts servant, single, 21 household domestic  
Margeret Hoole servant, single, 19 kitchen maid  
Elisa Stott servant single, 16 nursery maid, domestic Birkenhead
George Boosey servant, single, 33 butler  
Herbert Clarke servant, single, 22 footman  
Thos: Campbell Metcalf servant, single, 18 pantry boy  
Edwin Hindell servant, single, 19 groom  
Robert Felham servant, single, 23 groom  
Thos: Henry Davenhill servant, single, 21 undergardener  
William Hunter servant, single, 30 undergardener  

John Stott and Eliza Nettleton

Searches were carried out at the G.R.O. for the births of both John Stott and Eliza Nettleton from 1837 onwards but the only record found was for Eliza in 1840.

Certificate of Birth:  Eliza Nettleton born on 28 August 1840 at 8, Matthew Street, Liverpool, the daughter of William Nettleton, an ostler and Sarah Nettleton, neé Smith.  She was registered by her mother, who made her mark, on 3 October 1840.

As this information fits with that on Eliza's marriage certificate and with the information on her mother from the 1871 census, we can be confident that it is the correct record.  So, Eliza Nettleton was just 17 when she married in October 1857.  A possible marriage record has been found in the IGI for William Nettleton and Sarah Smith on 17 October 1825 at Ferry Fryston in Yorkshire. This would fit with Sarah being born about 1804.

I have not so far been successful in finding a census record showing Eliza Nettleton in 1851 but the family was found in 1841 the year following Eliza's birth and at the same or a similar address, Matthew Street, Liverpool.


Census of 1841 in Liverpool, Matthew Street. Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 562; Book: 5; Civil Parish: Liverpool; County: Lancashire; Enumeration District: 38; Folio: 29; Page: 6; Line: 10; GSU roll: 438714.

Name Age & Status Occupation Place of Birth
William Nettleton 41 labourer Born In Lancashire
Sarah Nettleton 38   Yes
Sarah Nettleton 15   Yes
William Nettleton 13   Yes
Jane Nettleton 11   Yes
Eliza Nettleton 1   Yes


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