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Anthony Thornber was baptised the son of Giles Thornber and Margaret Jackson on 13 May 1705 at Slaidburn.  There is a will of Ralph Jackson, of Atkinsons, Bolton by Bowland, husbandman, dated 13 April 1726, granted 26 May 1726, which names Giles Thornber as his son-in-law. Anthony married Hannah Booker, both of Slaidburn on 21 April 1733, at Gisburn, by licence.  On the marriage bond and allegation, dated 18 April 1733, it states that Anthony of Brookhouse Green, yeoman, above 27, and Hannah Bouker of Slaidburn, aged above 26, were licensed for a marriage at Slaidburn or Gisburn.  Anthony was a bondsman as was Henry Isherwood of Gisburn, yeoman.

The administration of Anthony's will began on 25 October 1762 so we can identify him as the Anthony of Brookhouse Green, buried on 28 September 1762 at Slaidburn.  Hannah Thornber, his wife, of Brookhouse Green, was buried a few days later on 4 October 1762.

It appears that the executors of Anthony, his two eldest sons, were bound in the sum of £200 to proceed with the execution of the will. His son Giles is cut off with the proverbial shilling possibly because they had fallen out. Sometimes a son received little because he had already been provided for during his father's lifetime.

"Know all men by these presents that we Ralph Thornber and John Thornber of Brook House Green in the parish of Slaidburn, County of York, Yeomen and Richard Bradley of Stephen Moor Height in the Parish of Mitton and County aforesaid, husbandman do stand and are firmly bounded and obliged unto the Worshipful Francis Topham, Doctor of Laws, Commissary of the Exchequer Court of the Most Reverend Father in God Robert, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of York in the sum of £200 of good and lawful money etc. etc. to act as administrators by these presents dated 25 October 1762."

The document warns that if need be they will be required to enter into a further bond with more sufficient sureties for the performance of the duties. Ralph Thornber, John Thornber and Richard Bradley signed at the foot of the document. There is then attached a handwritten copy of the will which includes the following genealogical information:

"First I give and bequeath to Ralph Thornber and John Thornber, my sons, all the messuage and tenement with the appurtenances thereto belonging called Brookhouse Green situate in the Parish an County aforesaid for ever. Also I give and bequeath to Giles Thornber the sum of one shilling and likewise I give and bequeath to William Thornber and Anthony Thornber my youngest sons and Elisabeth Thornber and Margret Thornber my daughters each the sum of fifty pounds to be paid by the two joint executors Ralph Thornber and John Thornber twelve months after my decease if they be of age and sufficient interest for the same until they come of age. Lastly I give and bequeath to the said Ralph Thornber and John Thornber all debts due to me at my decease my goods and chattels whatsoever to their use and behoof and do hereby nominate and appoint them sole executors requiring them to pay all my just debts and legacies before mentioned and to pay my funeral charges. And if William Thornber, Anthony Thornber, Elizabeth Thornber or Margret Thornber shall any of them die before they become of age, marriage or enjoyment of their legacies herein mentioned, after their funeral charges are defrayed the remainder be equally divided among all the rest.

Witnesses to the will were James Watson, Senior, James Watson, Junior and Agnes Watson. Apprisers of the inventory were Richard Bradley, Ralph Thornber and John Thornber.

Anthony's brother William left a will in 1770 and mentions six children of his brother Anthony as William, Anthony, Ralph, Margaret, John and Giles the eldest. Two additional daughters, Elizabeth and Jennet had died by the time this will was written.

There are baptism records at Slaidburn for the following children except Ralph.  There is a gap in 1736 in the Slaidburn registers and this probably accounts for there being no record for him. We know from the date of Ralph's marriage that he cannot be one of the younger children and so the gap between 1734 and 1738 seems most likely for him.

An Australian Connection

I have received information from Anne Morse in Australia that she has been tracing the family of Vera Myrtle Thornber (1889-1973) the daughter of Frederick William James Thornber (1845-1927) who married Harriet Rowles. Frederick is believed to be the son of William Thornber (1823-1849) who married Sarah Swift. William was the son of John Thornber who married Hannah Barker (no dates given) and John (9 May 1776, at Slaidburn) was the son of Ralph Thornber (1736-1793) who married Mary Wilson and is shown below in generation.

I have information from Mrs. Janet Thornber of the family of John Thornber and Hannah Barker and they are covered as Family E on my Halifax page.


Footnote 1.

Information from John Udell who has a letter to Jennet from her brother James signed "from your brother and sister J & G Thornber", dated Nov 24, 1890.  The letter mentions a sister Jane.  The sister with initial G. has not been identified.)

Footnote 2.

The William born in 1749, son of Ralph, can be distinguished from this William who married Jane Brennand in having a daughter, Agnes, who is mentioned in her grandfather’s will in 1790 and in her father's will in 1823 as described in the tree shown on Slaidburn families page 1

Footnote 3.

In Waddington there is another Anthony who married Alice Clayton in 1768.  He had children, Ann, Giles, Richard, Peggy, John and William baptised in Waddington between 1769 and 1789.  There is also a Jenney baptised at Great Mitton in 1797 said to be the daughter of Anthony and Alice.  There are two children of an Anthony Thornber, baptised at Bolton by Bowland, Alice, 6 September 1772 and Thomas, 15 March 1780.  This Anthony may be the one baptised in Waddington in 1745 the son of Richard.

Footnote 4

I am grateful to Louie and Judy Dietrich for the information that Ralph's date of birth was May 23, 1771 and Alice Banks Thornber was born Sept 17, 1784. They kindly provided me with the photograph below found in an old family album. They are Louie's g g g grandparents. I do not have a date of death for either Ralph or Alice but if they lived into the age of photography they must have been in their late 70s or 80s. At this period it was necessary to stand very still, usually leaning on a piece of furniture and often with the head supported on a rest.

Ralph and Alice Thornber

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