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Thomas Thornber the son of William Thornber and Jane Brennad, married first Betty Whittle then her half-sister Isabella. They were the daughters of Edward Whittle. Their children are shown below and those with an asterisk are mentioned in the will of their uncle, Anthony, who described them as "William Thornber, John Thornber, Benjamin Thornber, Edward Thornber, Robert Thornber, Hannah Thornber and Mary Ann Thornber, the seven children of my brother, Thomas Thornber." The children were baptised at the Anglican chapel of ease known as Tosside Chapel or Houghton Chapel, and at the independent chapel of Mount Sion, Sandy Syke, both of whose registers I have transcribed and published.

Footnote 1.

Census Information on the Family of Thomas Thornber

In the 1841 Census for Annislandend, Thomas is shown as a widower with seven children. In this census the ages of those above 15 were usually rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5. Thomas was 55; Margaret, 20; Will, 20; John 15; Benjamin, 13; Edward, 12; Mary Ann, 8; and Robert 6.

In the 1851 census accurate ages were given but we find a few inconsistencies. In particular Robert was stated to be only 13 but if he was born in 1835 he would have been 16 by 1851.

1851 Census: Annislandend

Thomas 66
Hannah 36
Will 33
John 30
Mary Ann 17
Robert 13

Margaret had died in 1844 but Hannah was living at home again.

In the 1861 census (RG9/3084, folio 18, page 2 in Easington) Thomas was said to be a farmer of 16 acres and to be 76. Mary Ann was 26 and Robert was 24.

In the 1871 census Thomas Thornber, a retired farmer, was said to be 88 and was living at Well House, Easington where Laurence Earnshaw, 44, was head of household, farming 61 acres, and Mary Ann his wife was 36. Mary Ann was the daughter of Thomas Thornber. When Thomas died at Well House Farm in 1872 he was said to be only 83 so there must be a mistake in one of the records.

Footnote 2

Census information shows Edward lived in the main street in Slaidburn and worked as a labourer on several farms. The census of 1851, (film HO 107/2256 folio 71, enumeration district 4b) shows an Edward Thornber, unmarried agricultural labourer aged 22, at Greenwood in Grindleton. He was said to be born in Slaidburn.

In the 1861 census for Slaidburn (RG9/3084, folio 20 page 6) Edward was a servant aged 33 with a wife Margaret aged 30 and a son, Thomas aged 2 months. They were at Brighouse as servants, where the head of household was Henry Turner, aged 77, a farmer of 100 acres. There is also a reference to an Edward Thornber, aged 50, in the Clitheroe Census of 1881 at 32 Brook Street (4172, folio 8 page 10). He was married to Peggy aged 49 with three children, Thomas, 20; Jane, 12 and Margaret E aged 10.


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